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Nathan lets minors buy alcohol from a liquor storebut only allows them to take it home after they reach legal drinking age; Nathan re-brands a pest control business as the "Hotel Excellence Awards" so they can perform their job discreetly; Nathan puts pooping birds on a tree overhanging a street near a car wash so it can advertise a "Bird Droppings Special". The show was greenlit following the cancellation of Jon Benjamin Has a Vanwhich Fielder also wrote and starred in. Retrieved from " https: She said she was sad and disappointed to learn that the guy she'd supposedly been dating was not who he claimed. Nathan tries to have a Santa do photos at a mall during the summer, but his plot is complicated by the Santa having a criminal record; Nathan attempts to promote a petting zoo by recording a viral video of a pig supposedly rescuing a goat stuck in a pond; Nathan attempts to lure a graffiti artist so he can expose him to his parents. Although Nathan Fielder plays a character, Nathan For You works to ensure that storeowners and customers are not aware of this fact.

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The humorous results lead many viewers to wonder if some of the featured business owners or other people onscreen are actors in scripted scenes.

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Haunted House/The Hunk

Retrieved February 11, Retrieved December 10, However, it is highly possible that his appearance in Nathan For You was unscripted due to the high number of actors living in the L. Ideas can be thrown out if they are deemed not visually interesting or engaging for viewers. Nathan for You has received critical acclaim. The plan involved the creation and marketing of an original fitness routine called "The Movement," which would emphasize the lifting of household objects namely boxes and furniture for exercise, and preclude the need for practitioners to go to a gym or health club.

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nathan for you fake dating show
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nathan for you fake dating show
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