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These include cases involving consensual sex between employees or students, unwanted kisses or touches that ended as soon as the uninterested party said no, sexual propositions deemed inappropriate or unprofessional by institutions but not by the people actually involved, the presence of sex or desire in places that some people would rather it was not present or between people disciplined into believing they are not supposed to desire one another cross-racial desire, queer desire, cross-generational desire, etc. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This site uses cookies. Everything about this story is right out of the sex panic playbook. Recent Posts Reitman vs. And for my part, I took my sex interests to school. And they are not private.

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We, it seems, are also being careful, strategic.

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Many queers, including queer women, are aware that queer life means risking accusations of having made other people uncomfortable, perhaps even making them feel violated, with our sexual excess or illegibility or unpredictability or boldness. We are admonishing each other out of fear, please, I beg you not to distract from this powerful wellspring of feminist truths, this unstoppable testimony of violation and survival, by attending to gray areas and complexities. But these complexities are not theoretical. Needing an adult to take the blame for these blowjobs, the principal explained that the school district considered placing my partner on a disciplinary leave, but ultimately decided a reprimand letter would be sufficient. The stakes are too high. Related posts Et Tu, Bruno?

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