Surprise penis into the wrong hole

Since you're engaging in partnered sex, it's time for you to start your sexual healthcare anyway. At the end of this, I'll give you some reading material that will, I think, give you more to think about and More to try in your quest for satisfying partnered sex. While everyone's specific angles and sizes are going to be different, it's pretty uncommon to encounter a couple for whom the penis and vagina just don't fit at all when both people are very turned on, want to be engaging in intercourse, are taking their time, using lubricantand no one has any vulvovaginal health conditions or issues -- like vulval or vaginal pain conditions. No partner's pleasure supercedes another's discomfort. Somebody being physically receptive-- like having a vagina that a penis goes into, having a vagina that receives a penis -- doesn't mean that that person can't also be an active participant.

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First off, how do you know it's in the right hole?

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Very Painful Wrong Hole Accident

That's up to you and about what feels comfortable and good for you. He re-adjusted and it still hurt a little but nothing like before, it was mostly just a lot of pressure. Once you feel familiar with the basic anatomical structures, I'd suggest taking time to get to know your own body -- with your own hands, eyes, or both -- to figure out your own unique configuration of those anatomical structures, and to see how it feels when different parts are touched or stimulated in different ways. Sex is supposed to be fun, and while what that fun means or looks like will depend on the people involved, fun isn't going to include doing anything you don't want to do or wind up finding uncomfortable or even distasteful. No matter which opening you wanted your boyfriend's penis to enter, there really is no way for me, or anyone, to tell you whether it ended up in your vagina or your anus unless they were watching you at the time. I don't think these questions are silly or foolish. How far in should he go?

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